Beacon optimistic about Favipiravir for treating Covid-19 patients

Beacon, a leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh, is very optimistic about the effectiveness of Favipiravir as the first possible clinically proven drug for the treatment of people infected with Covid-19.

Md Ebadul Karim MP, Managing Director of Beacon, said his company is ready to go for production of the Favipiravir immediately if the authority gives approval following the national guideline in this regard.

While speaking at a talk-show programme telecast by a private satellite television Channel 71, Karim said after ending trial on Favipiravir in Wuhan province of China and Russia, the developed countries in the world are thinking about used of the medicine to fight the pandemic.

We are also working on the medicine, maintaining similarity with the global standard. In this context, we will go for rapid production if the authority gives approval, Ebadul Karim said.

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